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Diabetes is a costly disease, both for people having the illness and the companies invested in their health.  People with diabetes carry double the usual chronic diseases, leading to healthcare costs that are 230% greater than normal.  Worse is the human casualty of body-wide damage due to the progressive nature of the disease.

Early training is a potent means of halting the disease process and preventing related chronic diseases.  NutriTutor® brings medical diabetes training and telehealth clinicians into homes everywhere—saving money and transforming health and lives.  We supply customized and interactive diabetes training programs designed for people with prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, and steroid-induced diabetes.  Our programs are proven to help learners prevent full onset disease by 50%, and companies recoup $4.34 for every dollar spent.

NutriTutor® offers a unique and powerful solution to the diabetes crisis by helping to solve the 3 biggest healthcare problems in the U.S.—rising claim costs, access gaps, and clinician-centered care.  Established in 2007, NutriTutor® leads the way in providing diabetes training that is consistent with value-based design, the patient-centered medical home, accountable care, andthe American Diabetes Association training model.  See for yourself how our empowering and engaging patient-centered platform transforms lives, while our flexible business model helps companies save money and add revenue.


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