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Advisory Board members bring a mix of expertise and experience, acting as a sounding board and think tank for NutriTutor®.  These experts have been chosen from a variety of backgrounds and for their business integrity and passion to see people healed.

 David O. Olson, MHA, FACHE
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David is a healthcare leader with extensive experience in executive leadership, strategic planning, business development, marketing, communications, operations management, and community services across the spectrum of acute care, ambulatory care, physician services, home services, and community health, plus strategic planning for an integrated healthcare delivery system. He served in community hospitals as leader of Strategic Planning and Business Development or Chief Operating Officer. He earned his Master of Healthcare Administration degree from University of Washington in Seattle. He is a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives, a member of other professional organizations, and served as an Examiner for Washington State Quality Awards. David’s other life interests include traveling to visit family and friends, enjoying theater, landscaping, cooking, camping, hiking, volunteering for church or community groups, reading, and writing. He has done extensive home remodeling, as well as design and construction for non-profits such as schools, theaters, and camps.

Thomas M. Brown

NutriTutor - Thomas M Brown - TMBPhoto3Tom spent the last eight years of his 23 year career at IBM as a Senior Business Analyst and the last years of his working career as a billing manager for United Health Care.  He also spent the 1990′s as a controller for two small companies in very diverse industries.  After a four year tour in the United States Navy, he finished his BA in Industrial Psychology/Motivation and Morale at Penn State University.  Since retiring from United Health Care and the death of his wife of 30 years, Tom is seriously involved in the Domestic Violence arena both as a part time employee and decorated volunteer.  Having been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes some 8 years ago, Tom’s commitment and contributions to NutriTutor® have been profound and personal.  In his role as a member of the NutriTutor® advisory board, he brings every aspect of his vast business and personal experience into play.  NutriTutor® would not be where it is today without his efforts.

Lawrence Joel Press, CPA
NutriTutor - Larry Advisory Board MemberLarry served as a Captain in the United State Air Force and also worked as a member of a Helicopter Pilot Search and Rescue team before attending school and choosing his lifelong career.   He graduated New York University with a BA in Accounting & Finance and a Master of Business Administration.  Larry worked for the Department of the Treasury for 20 years as a Certified Public Accountant.  Since retiring from the IRS, Larry has kept busy serving as an independent CPA and volunteering his skills to quality organizations; such as the Boy Scouts of America and the American Diabetes Association.   Having diabetes himself, the subject is close to Larry’s heart.  As a member of the NutriTutor® Advisory Board, Larry contributes a wealth of experience and a passion to see people healed.

Diana Scott-Thornton RD, LD/N, CDE
Diana_Thornton_photoDiana is a registered and Florida-licensed dietitian who holds certification as a Diabetes Educator.  She has developed and edited publications; including her own book for children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (publication pending).  Her career has run the gamut of management, patient care, public speaking, and graphic design.  Diana is a member of the American Association of Diabetes Educators, American Dietetic Association, American Diabetes Association, Florida West Coast Association of Diabetes Educators, and the Pinellas Dietetic Association. She currently works as an informatics specialist, participating in building electronic medical records.  In her spare time, she counsels people with diabetes and serves as NutriTutor’s lead Certified Diabetes Educator.  On the NutriTutor® Advisory Board, Diana contributes an abundance of technical knowledge combined with sound judgment; the sort obtained only through experience and passion.

Advisory Board members are not employed by NutriTutor®. They have no policy-making powers, voting authority, or management authority.

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