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Do you want to add income to your practice while also giving your patients their best chance at health,,,or do you merely need a reputable diabetes training provider?  You can now offer turnkey type 2 diabetes education from your own website, branded with your own logo and contact information displayed on every learning page.  With NutriTutor® programs, you can generate revenue in any number of ways.  It’s like having your own team of Registered Dietitians and Certified Diabetes Educators working for you!

If additional revenue is not your goal, satisfy the diabetes care standards for your patients by referring them to NutriTutor®, the only diabetes medical home compatible service provider.  We supply e-training and telehealth clinician assistance to patients needing Diabetes Self-Management Training and the 2 hour diet follow-up course.


Why physicians love NutriTutor®

  • In-house patient training solidifies loyalty and dependence upon your practice
  • Adding a unique service line helps you gain a competitive edge
  • Learning outcomes are shared electronically, supporting integrated care
  • Patient e-training puts medical practices on the fast track to becoming medical homes, ensuring a thriving business
  • When you secure the diabetes market, you automatically capture a large slice of the cardiovascular disease market


NutriTutor® sets the new standard for diabetes education.  We help to solve the 3 biggest healthcare problems in the U.S.

  1. Rising claim costs
  2. Clinician-centered care
  3. Access gaps


nt1NutriTutor® diabetes e-programs are unique in that they are learner-centered and brimming with interactive skill practice and customized feedback; thereby improving self-reliance and personal empowerment. They supply superior training with a robust set of customized downloadable tools, clinician support, and plenty of time to learn. Programs encourage disease ownership, goal-setting, behavior change, lifelong learning, relevant communication with the healthcare team, and appropriate use of medical services. Modeled after the American Diabetes Association guidelines for reimbursable programs, NutriTutor® diabetes programs help learners to control weight, glucose, hyperlipidemia, and blood pressure in a low risk, self-paced environment.  All programs come with a downloadable manual and customized meal plans using a proven weight loss system.   

  • Developed by registered dietitians, certified diabetes educators, and instructional designers
  • Supply telehealth clinician consultations/coaching
  • Meet criteria for patient-centered medical home, accountable care, and value based design
  • Provide learning outcomes for care integration
  • HIPAA compliant



 Educating — Engaging — Empowering — Encouraging


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How can NutriTutor® help you make revenue?

  • Add a learning portal to your website and set your own price for diabetes e-training.  (Pay-per-Learner Plan)
  • Become a diabetes center of excellence by offering a comprehensive diabetes weight loss program.   Use NutriTutor® e-training to augment a planned series of reimbursable educational office visits surrounding lab, anthropometric, and other test results.  (See price sheet below for more details.  Pay-per-Learner Plan)
  • Become an approved and reimbursed Diabetes Self-Management Training Program provider, freeing your clinicians to help at a higher level while our programs do most of the work.  (DSMT Plan)


If adding income is not your goal, seamlessly refer patients directly to NutriTutor®, and they will receive customized and interactive diabetes training for the price of a normal co-payment.  To use the Co-payment Plan, download the NutriTutor Patient Prescription.




NutriTutor® solves the learning barriers found in traditional diabetes programs using the same principles of medical home

  • Patient-centered logistics & learning
  • Comprehensive programming
  • Integrated team approach
  • Measured learning outcomes
  • Accessible to everyone 24-7
  • Satisfying to both patients and their physicians


Who are diabetes NutriTutor®programs designed to serve? Our programs are designed for children, teens, and adults with prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, and steroid-induced diabetes not complicated by any overriding diagnoses requiring calorie, protein, or potassium modifications.  Adult assistance is needed for children with diabetes.  We ask that physicians prescribe calorie levels for children.


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“I was diagnosed several years ago with type 2 diabetes and was consequently prescribed Glucophage to help control my diabetes. …With NutriTutor®, I acquired the knowledge needed to attack my diabetes and as a result have been taken off of Glucophage! My A1C’s over the last 18 months have averaged 5.7.” Thomas M. Brown, Zephyrhills, FL


NutriTutor® Heart Healthy Program coming soon!






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NutriTutor Primary Care Price Sheet (includes a simple plan for an office-based diabetes weight loss program)

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