Problems We Solve

We offer a unique and powerful solution to the diabetes crisis focused on treating prediabetes, type 2 diabetes and steroid-induced diabetes through medical e-training.  Early treatment is a potent means of preventing related chronic diseases.  Our programs save money and restore hope and well being.


Solutions we offer

Halting the type 2 diabetes epidemic

Diabetes is a major concern for governments, payers, and employers due to the immense cost and scope of the disease.  Diabetes is a progressive disease that destroys most major body systems and leads to all of the other chronic diseases.  According to 2012 statistics, 9.3% of Americans have diabetes, while it is projected that 33% of Americans will have diabetes by 2050.  37% of Americans currently have the early form of the disease, called prediabetes.  This totals 46.3% of our population!  Diabetes is not only epidemic in America, but also across the globe.

NutriTutor® programs are proven to effectively treat prediabetes, type 2 diabetes and steroid-induced diabetes, while also preventing full onset disease by 58% and halting the disease process that results in body-wide destruction.  As few as 1% of Americans currently know how to manage their diabetes. NutriTutor® brings learner-centered medical e-training into every home to transform the health of our nation one person at a time.

Controlling runaway healthcare costs

Diabetes is a costly disease because of its progressive nature and destruction to most major body systems.  Preventing both cost and damage requires diligent self-management.  As few as 1% of Americans know how to control their disease, and most learn from inaccurate marketing plans rather than medical sources.

While the current cost of diabetes to our nation is unknown, the U.S. paid $245 billion for the disease in 2012.  This is up from $174 billion in 2007–a 41% increase in 5 years. Healthcare expenses are rising an average 12% each year, and these expenses are 230% greater for people with the disease. Diabetes accounts for a maximum of 12.3% of staff, yet this small group generates over 25% of total healthcare costs.  Employers annually lose $21,000 in productivity, alone, for each diabetic employee.  The cost to third party payers for unnecessary medical care cannot be measured. Group training, alone, costs $370 per person.  Diabetes is expensive for people who have the disease and for the companies engaged in their health.

NutriTutor® diabetes programs reduce costs while also improving quality.  Our platform conforms with value-based design, accountable care, and the patient-centered medical home.  We offer learners a robust platform of customized and interactive training that supports skill development, critical thinking, behavior change, and appropriate use of medical services.  Our empowering programs prevent costly medical crises and protect long-term health, while also cutting training costs in half and providing companies with return on investment indicators.

Transforming medical diabetes training

Traditional medical diabetes training programs effectively save healthcare dollars and improve health, but they hinder learning in a number of ways.

  • Group training is not customized
  • Programming is clinician-centered
  • Classes are not available for people living outside of cities
  • Programs are expensive
  • Classes lack skills training and problem-solving practice
  • Inadequate time is given for learners to digest and apply volumes of information
  • Long-term resources are often lacking
  • 38% of patients cannot fit group classes into their schedules

In contrast, NutriTutor® diabetes e-programs are completely learner-centered.  Each segment of learning is customized, and interactively supports the development of practical and problem-solving skills.  Training is available from any location and at any time by internet connection.  Telehealth clinician consultations and coaching are offered both during and after normal business hours.  Membership length supplies plenty of time for members to apply what they have learned.  Behavior change is supported, and a downloadable manual is supplied for long-term reference.  Best of all, our programs are reasonably priced, saving money for people with diabetes and the companies engaged in their healthcare.

Improving Primary Healthcare

Primary care and the services connected to them are usually fragmented and clinician-centered, resulting in sub-optimal care.  An imperative led by the National Committee for Quality Assurance encourages physician practices in the U.S. to overhaul the current model and become “medical homes” for each of the chronic diseases.  This initiative requires:

  • Expanding access to care (including after-hours)
  • Improving integration and coordination of services
  • Shifting focus to disease prevention using patient self-management
  • Data tracking and care management of individuals and groups
  • Participating in the electronic information exchange
  • Implementing continuous quality improvement measures

NutriTutor® medical e-training programs help physician offices to become medical homes for diabetes.  Our turnkey training programs:

  • Supply seamless self-management e-training direct from physician practice websites
  • Treat and prevent chronic diseases
  • Support behavior change
  • Close access gaps
  • Supply integrated and coordinated telehealth clinician assistance–days, evenings, and weekends
  • Electronically track and share outcomes and return-on-investment indicators

NutriTutor® patient-centered diabetes programs supply superior, customized training focused on enhancing self-reliance and personal empowerment. Programs encourage disease ownership, goal-setting, behavior change, lifelong learning, relevant communication with the healthcare team, and appropriate use of medical services.


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