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Through the financial support of our sponsorship partners, medical e-training for diabetes is now incredibly affordable and accessible, bringing hope and health to people with type 2 diabetes!



Type 2 diabetes is a world-wide epidemic and it is caused by diet and exercise habits common to people living in this 21st century. Over 124 million people in North America have diabetes or its early form (called prediabetes). This count grows 10% each year.

Up to 99% of these 124 million people yet need education in how to control their disease, according to the American Association of Diabetes Educators. This represents a growing 122.76 million people who need the medical diabetes training we offer.

Whether or not your company is directly involved in healthcare, diabetes represents a vast and ever growing target audience of consumers. The NutriTutor® Health and Wellness Sponsorship Campaign is a highly effective way for your company to get noticed.




How our Sponsorship Partners Benefit

  • Connect yourself with a unique service that gets noticed
  • Join a benevolent service that fills a powerful need, bringing health and hope to people everywhere
  • Secure branding value with a frequently returning audience that is actively engaged
  • Connect with a trusted diabetes lifeline that imparts instant credibility
  • Cooperatively market with fellow sponsors to magnify marketing efforts
  • Enjoy physician and insurance company (medical industry) referrals that instill trust in your brand
  • Join a corporate wellness service needed by companies to reduce their healthcare expenses, further multiplying your exposure
  • Reach the vast and rapidly growing market of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes

 Bonus Benefits from NutriTutor®

  • Press release highlighting your business
  • Featured story about your company
  • Blogs and social networking highlights




About NutriTutor®

NutriTutor® offers the world’s only medical diabetes e-training that is all about learners.  It is proven to halt the disease process and prevent full onset disease.  Our unique medical programs combine the best of science and e-training standards into a customized and interactive environment, capturing focused attention.  We adhere to the training program requirements of the American Diabetes Association, while also meeting criteria for the patient-centered medical home, accountable care organizations, and value-based design. This means that we get the attention of physicians, insurance companies, and the corporate wellness industry, alike.  Easy to use and brimming with skill practice, our tutorials develop both problem-solving and practical skills, an exclusive feature of NutriTutor® programs. Programs also offer learners a robust set of personalized downloadable tools, telehealth clinician consultations, and plenty of time to learn.


What Programs are Under-written by Sponsors?

NutriTutor® offers two diabetes training programs for people with prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, and steroid-induced diabetes that can be underwritten.  Both programs are modeled after the American Diabetes Association guidelines and supply customized / interactive training for diabetes and its related diseases–obesity, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, high triglycerides, and heart disease.  The Diabetes Diet Education Program focuses on all aspects of nutrition and diet, while the comprehensive Diabetes Self-Management Program covers the American Association of Diabetes Educator 7 self-care behaviors–healthy eating, being active, glucose monitoring, taking medication, problem-solving, healthy coping, and reducing risks. 


What is Learner Cost for Sponsored Programs?

Under sponsorship, the learner cost for the Type 2 Diabetes Diet Education Program becomes $9.99 (valued at $212 by Medicare), while the comprehensive Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management Program becomes $19.99 (valued at $370 by Medicare).


NutriTutor Sponsor Price Sheet

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Frequently Asked Questions 

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Sponsoring companies must be committed to the mission and vision of NutriTutor®; that of bringing evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle information to the public for the purpose of empowering individuals toward better health.  Sponsored products, services, and public messages must reflect integrity and scientific accuracy.  NutriTutor® reserves the right to decline sponsorship to any company whose products, services, or public messages are inconsistent with our own.  NutriTutor® does not endorse any company, brand, product, or service.


We want to thank the following companies for their support in making NutriTutor® programs affordable and available to people everywhere.




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