About NutriTutor®

Believing that people have the right to know how to care for their health, and with the aim of improving chronic disease training with less cost, Laurie Van Wyckhouse, a master trained Registered Dietitian, determined to overhaul the flawed patient training model.  NutriTutor® was the result, and it promises to change patient training forever.  Not only do learners benefit, but so do the companies associated with them.  Programs meet medical home, accountable care, and value-based purchase guidelines

NutriTutor® diabetes programs break the traditional medical model by applying the best in training techniques and switching the focus from payers to learners. This means that you get to choose the behaviors or topics that you are ready to tackle, and we provide the guidance and support you need to succeed.  You decide how much weight you want to lose, and we supply the proven tools that get results.  You login when you are in the frame of mind to learn, and your membership gives plenty of time to practice the skills you have learned.  No longer must you sit in a classroom for hours on end listening to long, boring lectures to get reliable help for your diabetes.  Using our customized and interactive platform, learning is fun, personalized, and you develop skills to successfully restore your health. Our programs are prescribed by physicians and they replace reimbursed services for a fraction of the usual cost.


About NutriTutor® Programs

NutriTutor® offers two diabetes training programs for people with prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, and steroid-induced diabetes.  Both programs are modeled after the American Diabetes Association guidelines and supply customized / interactive training for diabetes and its related diseases–obesity, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, high triglycerides, and heart disease.  The Diabetes Diet Education Program focuses on nutrition and diet, while the comprehensive Diabetes Self-Management Program covers the AADE 7 self-care behaviors of healthy eating, being active, monitoring, taking medication, problem-solving, healthy coping, and reducing risks.  More tutorials are coming soon; such as the Healthy Heart Program for heart failure (CHF) and blood vessel diseases.  All of our programs offer:

  • Customized meal plans
  • Proven weight management system
  • Downloadable tools and informational handouts
  • Interactive applications for improved learning, confidence-building and skill development
  • Multimedia aids for active engagement
  • Goal setting support
  • Consultations or coaching by telephone or video chat with your personal Registered Dietitian / Certified Diabetes Educator
  • Glossary of medical terms


About the Author / Founder of NutriTutor®


Laurie Van Wyckhouse, M.S., RD, LD/N

A native of New Jersey, Laurie Van Wyckhouse brings over 30 years of nutrition assessment and medical education experience to NutriTutor®. With a firm belief that nutrition and health education hold the key to disease prevention, the focus of Van Wyckhouse’s career has been on developing programs that enable patients to regain control of their health. Having a Bachelor degree in Nutrition from the University of Rhode Island and a Master degree in Health Education from Nova Southeastern University, Van Wyckhouse has taught thousands of patients how to successfully manage their chronic diseases through nutrition, leading to healthier and more satisfied lives. Van Wyckhouse has managed hospital programs and provided education in a variety of industries throughout Ohio and Florida. Her passion for chronic disease prevention and management through nutrition awareness led to her teaching at the post-secondary level and developing “Welcome to Wellness,” a series of one-minute vignettes aired on WKZY radio. Clinical integrity and quality patient care have been the hallmark of Van Wyckhouse’s approach to disease management.  Frustrated by the barriers to learning found in traditional patient education, she determined to find a better way to teach people how to live healthy; thus, the idea of NutriTutor® was born. Creating NutriTutor® has truly been a labor of love, allowing Van Wyckhouse to bring her passion, knowledge, experience and message of empowerment to patients in all parts of the country.


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Richard A. Walker, M.Ed (R. Allen Walker, LLC)

  •  Tutorial Reviewers and Contributors

Diana Scott Thornton RD, LD/N, CDE

Thomas M. Brown, BA. Psychology

Donna L. Cowan, ISD, M.Ed IT, CPM

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