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Healthcare Innovation: NutriTutor® Introduces a Different Approach to Patient Education and Self Management of Chronic Diseases, October, 2013.teacher rxeconsult

Few Americans ever learn how to prevent and treat their chronic diseases by following evidence-based guidelines.  This lack of disease self-management knowledge has profound financial and emotional consequences on people with chronic diseases, also their families, employers, and the whole of society. Read more >>>


5 Myths about Diabetes Management

RXeconsult, June, 2013.carbbadforyou

As a longtime Registered Dietitian, I have observed the patterns of belief that people hold about diabetes and its treatment; some from listening to non-credentialed sources and some from natural assumptions. The arena of nutrition, in particular, is fraught with deceptive and concocted information. Listed here are five of the common myths that most people believe about diabetes management and the facts.
Myth #1: Carbohydrate is My Enemy
Studies have uncovered nutrition mysteries of great magnitude by revealing to us the healthiest people on this planet. Surprisingly, …  Read more >>>


Education: The key to prevention

USA Today, supplement by Mediaplanet, Seventh Edition / November 2012.

…So, you think you know how to prevent or control your diabetes?  The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) reports as few as one percent of people with diabetes ever learn how to properly manage their disease.  If you are like most Americans, your diabetes “education” derives from sales ads, news reports, and cursory lectures.  Case in point; should you eat a low carbohydrate diet to control your blood sugar?  Improper training leads most Americans to believe they should avoid carbohydrate foods.  They should, in fact, eat half of their daily calories as carbohydrate.  Lack of suitable education is why people with diabetes have medical expenditures 2.3 times those of their non-diabetic counterparts.  It is also why they are more likely to suffer from heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, kidney failure, blindness and amputation of feet and legs.  These problems can be avoided altogether with adequate training!  Diabetes self-management training (DSMT) is the medical ‘gold standard’ for diabetes and prediabetes training.  These programs are proven to lower glucose levels, improve health, and provide a return on investment of $4.34 for every dollar spent. DSMT programs supply ten hours of directed instruction, teaching people how to:

  • Prevent and control obesity, high cholesterol, elevated glucose and high blood pressure
  • Prevent and control organ damage
  • Establish sound overall nutrition and lifestyle behaviors
  • Distinguish evidence-based information from false reports

Now that DSMT is available online with telehealth clinician assistance, it is exceedingly easy for people with diabetes to receive customized training.  Not only is this good news for people with diabetes, but also for employers, wellness companies, medical practices, insurers, and government agencies charged with saving healthcare dollars.  Don’t play Russian roulette with your health and life.  Learn how to prevent and treat diabetes by finding and taking a diabetes self-management training course.  USA Today Insert Dec 2012


Engaging Wellness, Corporate Wellness Programs that Work, “Diabetes Disease Management–Everyone Benefits!”


Van Wyckhouse, L. (2012). Diabetes Disease Management—Everyone Benefits!. In: Edelheit, J and Stephano, R. Engaging Wellness. p302-310.

Abstract:  Wellness programs can save companies money and generate dramatically improved outcomes by including diabetes disease management in their arsenal of benefits. Diabetes is too complicated a disease to respond to prophylactic and supportive techniques such as coaching, seminars, preventive websites, and handouts. Wellness strategies need to include Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT) if they are to effectively reduce diabetes-related expenses and improve outcomes. Now that DSMT is available online, it is exceedingly easy for companies to offer people with diabetes the medical ‘gold standard’ in diabetes training. Guidelines for choosing an online DSMT program are provided from the medical, educational, and business perspectives. Web-enabled DSMT fills the diabetes gap in wellness programming with extraordinary ease and affordability by lowering healthcare costs and improving wellness program outcomes.


Improving Workplace Wellness for Diabetes Patients ~ A Unique Solution

Corporate Wellness Magazine, February, 2011mellitus

Workplace wellness programs are helping thousands across the country to prevent chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, but what impact are they making on those who already have the disease?  Wellness programs are currently focused on diabetes prevention, undeserving a large segment of employees who are on an accelerated course toward body-wide destruction.  Read More…


Better Health at Your Fingertips

The University of Rhode Island Quadangles Online, October, 2011.

When Laurie Van Wyckhouse launched NutriTutor®, no one was more surprised than she. “Truly, I’ve never been interested in business-it’s not who I am; I’m a clinician. When the idea hit me, I literally jumped out of bed and wrote for 15-minutes nonstop.” A dietitian who has taught diabetes self-management for 35 years, Van Wyckhouse knows the frustrations faced by diabetics. “In the traditional setting, there are a lot of barriers that prevent patients from learning what they need to know.” Lecture style classes, inconvenient hours, and “information overload” conspire against real change. Read more...


Putting Health at Your Fingertips

Nova Southeastern University Alumni News, 2011FavLVWcropped2

When Laurie Van Wyckhouse decided to get an advanced degree, she lived in a town 90 minutes from the nearest university. “Nova brought the classes to me; allowing me to continue working full-time while advancing my education.”

During her research practicum at Nova and through the encouragement of her professors, Van Wyckhouse (M.S. ’93) discovered a hidden talent. “Having writing skills was news to me!  I later put that belief in my skills to use by developing the first online Diabetes Self-Management Training program.”  Read more…

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