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Understanding NutriTutor® Services

What is NutriTutor®?

Believing that people have the right to know how to care for their health, and with the aim of improving chronic disease training with less cost; a Registered Dietitian determined to overhaul the flawed patient training model.  NutriTutor® was the result; and it promises to change patient training forever.  Programs meet diabetes medical home, accountable care, and value-based purchase guidelines.

NutriTutor® diabetes programs break the traditional medical model by applying the best in training techniques and switching the focus from payers to learners. This means that you get to choose the behaviors or topics that you are ready to tackle, and we provide the guidance and support you need to succeed.  You decide how much weight you want to lose, and we supply the proven tools that get results.  You login when you are in the frame of mind to learn, and your membership gives plenty of time to practice the skills you have learned.  No longer must you sit in a classroom for hours on end listening to long, boring lectures to get reliable help for your diabetes.  Using our customized and interactive platform, your learning is personalized and you develop skills to successfully restore your health. Our programs are prescribed by physicians and they replace reimbursed services for a fraction of the usual cost. Companies can use NutriTutor® online programs to reduce their healthcare costs or to add a line of income.  We offer many flexible company-centric choices.

How long has NutriTutor® been in business?

Established in 2007, NutriTutor® was developed to solve the clinician-centered problems that typify current medical training. We began with Diabetes Self-Management Training because it is the most complicated disease for patients to learn in the way that it is normally taught.

What NutriTutor® training programs are available?

NutriTutor® offers two diabetes training programs for people with prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, and steroid-induced diabetes.  Both programs are modeled after the American Diabetes Association guidelines and supply customized / interactive training for diabetes and its related diseases–obesity, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, high triglycerides, and heart disease.  The Diabetes Diet Education Program focuses on nutrition and diet, while the comprehensive Diabetes Self-Management Program covers the AADE 7 self-care behaviors of healthy eating, being active, monitoring, taking medication, problem-solving, healthy coping, and reducing risks.  More tutorials are coming soon; such as the Heart Healthy Program for heart failure (CHF) and blood vessel diseases.

How do NutriTutor® programs differ from other online diabetes training?

  •   Much of the information found online is not based in evidence
  •  Most of the evidence-based information found online is incomplete and marketing-driven

In contrast, Nutritutor® supplies evidence-based training that is complete, personalized, and in step with learners’ physicians. NutriTutor® programs replace Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator training, a service that is reimbursed by insurance companies.

How is NutriTutor® different from seeing a Registered Dietitian or Certified Diabetes Educator?

NutriTutor® online programs replace currently recognized and reimbursed medical services.  Our programs are learner-centered rather than payer-centered, and training is interactive rather than passive.  They also improve quality and reduce costs by half.  With NutriTutor® programs, you get:

  • Learner-centered training and logistics
  • Clinician assistance 7 days/week and evenings
  • Empowering positive behavior change
  • Engaging skill development and problem-solving
  • Comprehensive, organized, and cohesive content and programming
  • Personalized and flexible training
  • Downloadable resource manual
  • Convenient access from any location, at any time

How do NutriTutor® programs differ from Diabetes Self-Management Training classes?

NutriTutor® online programs replace currently reimbursed classroom training with a Registered Dietitian or Certified Diabetes Educator.  Our programs are convenient, flexible, comprehensive, engaging and supportive.  No lost cost for gas or time off work…no sitting through hours of boring classes that don’t pertain to you or enduring the obnoxious attention-seeking classmate.  With NutriTutor, learn at your own pace with our customized and interactive platform that empowers you to make the decisions.  Behavior change is encouraged throughout the learning process and your progress is shared with your physician for truly integrated care.  With NutriTutor®, you can still meet with your clinician; only this time, it is at your convenience.

Who benefits from NutriTutor®?

NutriTutor® diabetes programs are designed for people with prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, and steroid-induced diabetes.  Companies and agencies connected to these people also benefit.

How do learners benefit from NutriTutor®?

With NutriTutor®, your care is coordinated with your physician; closing the gaps and making your office visits more productive.  Our programs empower you to:

  1. Lose weight to look and feel better
  2. Control glucose levels to protect your eyes, kidneys, and heart from lasting damage
  3. Prevent life threatening hypoglycemia and resulting hospitalizations
  4. Know the truth about food and its power to heal (discern food fact from fiction)
  5. Halt disease processes to preserve your health
  6. Prevent amputations and improve wound healing
  7. Avoid and control infections, saving on doctor visits and medicines
  8. Save healthcare dollars

How do companies and agencies benefit from NutriTutor®?

NutriTutor® presents a turnkey solution to the type 2 diabetes crisis.  Our programs meet diabetes medical home, accountable care, and value-based purchase criteria.  We help insurance companies, government agencies, and employers save money, while we offer medical practices, hospitals, and wellness companies an additional income stream.  Our company-centric platform is automated to meet your goals.  You can seamlessly offer diabetes education from your own website, and with your own logo and contact information displayed on every learning page.  Save money, make money, and become a center for diabetes excellence quickly & easily with NutriTutor®.

What company-centric options does NutriTutor® offer?

No matter the choices you make, NutriTutor® programs integrate learner care with program outcomes and share these outcomes with patients’ physicians in a HIPAA secure electronic environment.

  • Refer learners directly to or to a branded portal on your own website so that every learning page highlights your company
  • Integrate clinician assistance from NutriTutor®, your own staff, or from any company
  • Use on-site clinicians or telehealth clinicians from any location
  • Charge learners for NutriTutor® programs, pay for learners to receive training, or any combination in between

What tools do NutriTutor® Programs Offer?

  • Downloadable resource manual
  • A proven medical weight management system with customized tools
  • Engaging interactive skill training and problem-solving
  • Support for empowering behavioral change
  • Personalized downloadable tools
  • Clinician counseling and coaching
  • Flexible and comprehensive programming
  • Convenient 24-7 access to evidence-based learning
  • Extended membership duration
Navigation and Best Practice for Learning Members


How do I find the information I am seeking in the quickest way?

Enter related words in the word / phrase search form or use the Quick Reference page, both found in the right menu.

Where can I quickly find all of the quizzes and tests?

Use the Quick Reference page in the right menu.

Where can I quickly find all of the practice sessions?

Use the Quick Reference page in the right menu.

How do I obtain the handouts?

The handouts are offered wherever you see “Printable download” inside the lessons.  They are also available through the Quick Reference page in the right menu.

How do I choose and obtain my behavioral goals?

Simply click in the box or boxes next to the predetermined goals you want, or click in the box beside ‘My Goal’ to write your own. When you are finished, click ‘Save Goals’ to have your goals collected in the My Progress page for later download or ‘Save Goals & E-Mail Me a Copy’ to have your goals both compiled and sent directly to your email.

How do I access my personal clinician?

Use the Clinician Correspondence link found on the ‘My Progress’ page, which is in the right menu. Follow directions for contacting your Registered Dietitian and/or Certified Diabetes Educator. Please be thorough and clear about your questions and related medical information. You can expect a response within 72 hours.

I need help with medical terms.

Click the glossary link in the left menu.

Where can I find more information and help about my disease?

Click the Educational Resources link in the left menu.

Reimbursement for NutriTutor® Services

Do insurance companies and Medicare reimburse for NutriTutor® services?

Our medical training services follow the same strict guidelines used for reimbursed diabetes programs.  Since Medicare has not yet approved telehealth and e-training for reimbursement, we have offset this barrier by reducing our prices.

Do I need a prescription to use NutriTutor® services?

It is only necessary to obtain a prescription from your physician if your insurance company agrees to reimburse program costs.  Submit your NutriTutor® receipt to your insurer with a claim for reimbursement.

Can I submit NutriTutor® costs to my medical flexible spending account?


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