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NutriTutor® drives value by lowering costs for diabetes training & claims

NutriTutor® offers payers an immediate solution to the diabetes epidemic and its compensation crisis.  Diabetes is epidemic, and the U.S. paid $245 billion for the disease in 2012.  This is up from $174 billion just 5 years earlier.  People with type 2 diabetes are heavy users of healthcare resources, costing 2.3 times more for healthcare than other Americans.  Diabetes is an entirely manageable disease, so what’s the problem?  The American Association of Diabetes Educators tells us that as few as 1% of people with diabetes know how to control the disease, passing this cost on to you.

If you want to save money on claims, you must offer people training.  Coaching, without training, creates dependence on the healthcare team. Diabetes Self-Management Training is the comprehensive gold standard prescribed by physicians to treat type 2 diabetes and prediabetes, proven to yield a $4.34 return for every $1 invested.  Programs usually cost payers up to $370 per person for this education.  Now this robust training is available online as a turnkey addition to your website for half of the usual cost.  Better yet, imagine the annual savings potential when all of your diabetic clients know how to manage their disease!


Turnkey Solutions for Third Party Payers


NutriTutor® programs are unique in that they are learner-centered and brimming with interactive skill practice and customized feedback; thereby improving self-reliance and personal empowerment.  Programs supply superior training with a robust set of customized downloadable tools, clinician support, and plenty of time to learn. They encourage disease ownership, goal-setting, behavior change, lifelong learning, relevant communication with the healthcare team, and appropriate use of medical services.

Modeled after the American Diabetes Association guidelines for reimbursable programs, NutriTutor® diabetes programs help learners to control weight, glucose, hyperlipidemia, and blood pressure in a low risk, self-paced environment.  All programs come with a downloadable manual and customized meal plans using a proven weight loss system.

  • Developed by registered dietitians, certified diabetes educators, and instructional designers
  • Supply HIPAA-compliant clinician consultations / coaching when desired
  • Meet criteria for patient-centered medical home, accountable care, and value based design
  • Tracks outcomes and learner progress, coordinating care with physicians

Educating — Engaging — Empowering — Encouraging



Physician & InsuranceWhy third party payers love NutriTutor® programs

  • Save considerably on client training
  • Safeguard your assets from avoidable claims
  • Charge learners a seamless copayment for training if desired
  • Secure client loyalty
  • Gain a competitive edge with physician practices wishing to become diabetes medical homes
  • Support electronic care integration

Heart Healthy Program coming soon! 



NutriTutor® offers flexible company-centric options

Our interactive platform virtually eliminates the need for clinician intervention by supporting the development of both technical and problem-solving skills.  For those times when learners or their payers want coaching or consultations, clinicians from any location and any company can integrate care using an administrative site that displays program progress and outcomes.  These same outcomes, combined with clinician charting, are later shared with patients’ physicians in a HIPAA secure electronic environment.

  • Refer clients to for training, or offer branded training from your own website
  • Branded training highlights your company on every learning page, permits you to charge your own price or offer as a free service to your clients, and encourages regular traffic to your website
  • Add clinician assistance as desired from NutriTutor®, your staff, or any other company
  • Determine if clinician consultations are to be face-to-face, telephonic, or by video chat
  • Add this wellness benefit for your staff and receive a direct $4.34 : $1 ROI



nt older couple“What I have learned from the lessons and the interactive practice have allowed me to eliminate two prescription drugs while keeping my glucose within a normal and acceptable range 24 hours a day”  –Thomas M. Brown, Zephyrhills, FL

NutriTutor® solves the learning barriers found in traditional diabetes programs using the same principles of the patient-centered medical home:

  • Patient-centered logistics & learning
  • Comprehensive programming
  • Integrated team approach
  • Measured learning outcomes
  • Accessible to everyone 24-7
  • Satisfying to both patients and their physicians
Solving an epidemic of diabetes with classroom-style education is like trying to drain the ocean with a spoon!



Who are NutriTutor® diabetes programs designed to serve?

Our programs are designed for children, teens and adults with prediabetes, type 2 diabetes and steroid-induced diabetes not complicated by any overriding diagnoses requiring calorie, protein or potassium modifications.  Adult assistance is recommended for children with diabetes.  We also ask that physicians prescribe calorie levels for children.





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